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Are you paying every month to keep the same listings online? With RV Dealer Salesmen you pay just 12.95 per preowned RV listing. Your listing runs for up to 6 months. Didn't sell it in that 6 months? Renew your listing for just 6.95 for another 6 months.

Responding to over 3 Million Search Requests per month!

Many times we are asked what is your visitor count?
We pull in people from over 50 different RV and Motorhome Web Sites today and growing. Our Main search gets over 3 million search requests from people looking at RV's every month.

Many years ago when the internet was still new I worked for a large RV Dealership as their Webmaster. The owner asked me to find 3 things out.

1. How many RV sites are out there you can get our inventory on.
2. How long will it take to do it and maintain it.
3. What is the total cost.

Being new to the Dealership an knowing the internet I did my homework. I found 15 RV sites where we could put the inventory an found out about each one. I found out the cost of them, their visitor counts, search engine rankings, when they started, how many other Dealers they have, etc etc. I figured 200 units first then 40 units a month to add during the month. The cost was around 900.00 RVTOL being new and the most at 199.00mth.

2 days later I met with the owner again an gave him the report of my findings.

He looked at it and wrote this:
How Many Sites:______ How Long will it take:______ Total Cost:______

He said it doesn't matter how many visitors go to that site. It matters that when a buyer does go there they will see MY inventory. We have 100 people a day that stop in looking to buy an RV. If we sell 2 tomorrow morning should we close the doors and go home for the rest of the day because the other 98 are just looking?

If my inventory is not on there that ONE BUYER can't see my RV's an buy one!
He was so right!!!

Unlike most other RV and standard classified sites we do not control where your RV's are viewed. People in South Carolina can view RV's in California, Texas or Florida.
RV'ers like to travel, we want them to see it...

NEW / PREOWNED RV's just 19.95 listed for 6 months

Bulk Ad discount
50 ads for just 800.00 for an extra 6 months.

DMS Imports
We WILL NOT allow any ANY DMS Imports into ANY of our Classified systems. "EVER!"
No, you do not have to enter them in. Pick up the phone, send a quick email an have your ad's automaticly entered in for you.

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